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  • It’s pomegranate season! Made a roasted vegetable salad today with some brussel sprouts + parsnips + butternut squash and topped it off with all the pomegranate seeds (and a homemade tuna burger) ☝🏼 #nutritionhappens
  • Are you guys a fan of kabocha squash? They’re one of my favorite fall squashes because you can roast and eat them with the peel on - no additional time spent in the kitchen peeling vegetables!  This means less food waste AND more fiber. These savory kabocha squash biscuits are made with oat flour from @Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, but just finely grounded. Perfect for fall baking, holiday dinners, or with a bowl of chili! #Sponsored Check out with the link in bio ☝🏼 #JustAddOats #QuakerOats #NutritionHappens
  • The one snack I always have around (and stash in my bag!) are almonds - they're easy to carry around and packed with nutrients. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E (for the skin!) and the combination of healthy fats, protein and fiber helps me keep me satisfied until my next meal - the BEST! @californiaalmonds #AlmondsAreMySideKick #NutritionHappens #Sponsored
  • Currently on a flight back to Chicago, but remember when I took a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa earlier this month to visit the @Quaker mill? Wrote a full recap post #sponsored to share some of the behind the scenes process on what makes Quaker unique. Link in bio! #QuakerOats #nutritionhappens
  • Question: When was the last time you practiced gratitude for being in good health? Like, being really thankful that you get to do the most basic living things - activities we might sometimes take for granted like walking, talking, or even breathing (bye, allergies!!)? We’re always striving for the better and more - believe me, as a dietitian, I hear it ALL. Especially when we talk about goals around the holidays. More greens, more of “whatever the new supplement is to help us do this”, more vitamins, more blah blah, etc…don’t get me wrong - it’s so great to stay curious about health education  and always want to learn more about nutrition (I mean after all, it’s my job to educate!), but don’t forget to acknowledge the health you already have too, right now, today. 
The thing about social media is that sometimes we’re so focused on the more we forget to acknowledge what we already have. What we see on media and think might go a little something like this these days: (Omg that hair! That candle collection! Shoe goals! She eats her pancakes with peanut butter too! Etc, etc.) We always praise outward appearances and what we can see but secretly end up being so hard on ourselves for not being there too, no matter what the topic is. Let’s be honest with ourselves here: can you say you have NEVER caught yourself in comparison trap when you go through a social media catch-up session? (Probably not, right?) Then maybe, my friend, it’s time to start acknowledging what you have right here, right now.
What has your health allowed you to try or experience / explore / accomplish lately? For me, so much. Taking walks for hours and feeling the sun.  Running because I want to and can, pain free. Being able to eat my vegetables and drink my wine too (now that’s the lifestyle lol 😍) Real talk though: my health is a gift and something I’m always in deep gratitude for. What about you? Food for thought on this Thanksgiving Eve. I hope you guys have the best one yet! #NutritionHappens
  • Making an abundance of produce for Thanksgiving this week? Rethink how you use your leftovers to reduce food waste! Approximately 130 million pounds of food waste accumulates every year. It’s super easy to repurpose what you’re already using: case in point, this veggie packed savory oatmeal. If you have extra broccoli stalks around, this is a perfect way to use them - link in bio above!  #Sponsored #Quaker #MoreTasteLessWaste #JustAddOats #NutritionHappens @quaker
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