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  • Ranier cherries! Who else is a fan? 🙋🏻🍒 #nutritionhappens #summer
  • The start of a beautiful Friday - another year wiser, is that what they say? 😎 Have a happy day my friends! #goldenbirthday #nutritionhappens
  • Breakfast game so strong..and fast! @GFMSimple Steel Cut Oatmeal (just oats, no sweetener!) is the perfect canvas for my favorite breakfast toppings. Portioned perfectly in each pack, so no more adding too much/too little water for watery or dry oatmeal, just the perfect oatmeal texture. My kind of breakfast lately - made in just minutes! #GoodFoodMadeSimple #nutritionhappens #spon
  • Early birthday celebrations at @thehamptonsocial with my favorites - rośe, peas, asparagus, salmon...and my favorite chickpea @chickpeainthecity! 24 on the 24th..looking so good so far 🍾 #nutritionhappens #rośe #thehamptonsocial
  • Going to be 24 years young this Friday and still happily taking gummy vitamins like it’s candy 🙌 Real talk, it’s actually really hard to find a delicious gummy vitamin that does not use artificial red dyes and preservatives. The ones from @smartyhealth have NO synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives - they’re also allergen-free (think gluten, soy, dairy). It’s a multivitamin so all your essential vitamins are covered - but I love the addition of Omega 3 fatty acids because = omega 3 = healthy skin! Cheers to many years wrinkle free! 🎉 #TheGoodGummy #nutritionhappens #RD2B #vitamins #spon
  • Fresh salad with raspberries, edamame, lemon, and pecans for a warm summer day - what's on your summer menu? #nutritionhappens
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