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  • Making lately: Savory green veggie oatmeal bowls. Can you guess the secret ingredient? HINT: you probably threw it away last night after roasting the florets. Yep - broccoli stalks! Make yourself this bowl of @Quaker oatmeal deliciousness with whole grains, healthy fats, proteins, and greens. A nutritious breakfast and less food waste? Trust me, YOU WANT. #Sponsored Explore with the link in bio! #QuakerOats #JustAddOats #NutritionHappens
  • Daily bag essentials: definitely snacks in the form of dark chocolate and fruit - like these 3 ingredient @thatsit dark chocolate truffles 👏🏼 #sponsored #indulgeinbites #realfruit #thatsit #nutritionhappens
  • FRIDAY-EVE SITUATION POLL: Fresh fruit, dark chocolate, or red wine? Did you say all three? SAME. This quick and easy to put together dessert platter is made better with the 3-ingredient dark chocolate fruit truffles from @thatsit (Ingredients: Real Apple + Real Blueberry + Dark Chocolate) Personal favorite red wine pairing with dark chocolate is currently Zinfandel ☝🏼 #sponsored #indulgeinbites #realfruit #nutritionhappens #thatsitfruit
  • Working on a lots of nutrition projects for you to help you guys live your best life 💃🏻 Before I decided to take on nutrition as a career I was actually on track to go to dental school (lol literally now that I look back on it) But you know that gut feeling you get when you feel like you want to do something vs. that voice in your head that says you “should” be doing anything but? Well, TRUST. As in, trust yourself and know that (and just like nutrition!) no one else knows yourself (and your body) better than you and even if it means taking a more unconventional or different approach to doing things, you shouldn’t have to feel bad or justify your own decisions based on someone else’s words or thoughts 🤷🏻‍♀️ Happy Friday my friends -  whatever you’re going through, you’ve got this! S/O to my friends at @healthyhumanlife for keeping my hydration game strong by supplying me a (marble printed) water bottle that fits right into my colorless wardrobe - you guys are the best! 🤓 #nutritionhappens #isthisastoop #askingforafriend
  • That girl that bought out all the delicata squashes (also known as the sweet potato squash) at the Chicago Trader Joe’s was probably me 🤷🏻‍♀️ They’re the perfect size, easy to cut (v important ☝🏼 if you’ve already worked out your arms today), and roasts up FAST. The OG go-to roast recipe is to toss with avocado oil + thyme + rosemary + black pepper and toss in the oven at 425F for 25-30 minutes, given on how crispy you like the squash to get (I like it as crispy as fries 🤷🏻‍♀️) The avocado oil makes it extra delicious, holds up in high heat cooking, AND helps you absorb all that vitamin A from the squash 👏🏼 #nutritionhappens
  • make it a point to wake up with a heart full of gratitude ☝🏼
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